How to Manage Portion Sizes

January 25, 2019

Managing portions doesn’t have to mean you need to restrict yourself and avoid the foods you love. By using these tips and strategies, we hope you enjoy some favourite recipes while also feeling in control with the amounts you serve yourself.

1. Instead of eating out of a big bag or box, take the amount you need and eat it out of a separate bowl or plate.

2. Avoid distracted eating or drinking. This could include watching TV, doing work on your computer, or even driving. It becomes easier to consume large amounts when you are paying more attention to other things going on around you instead of being mindful about your food.

3. Use smaller dishes, bowls and utensils so you serve up less but the volume of food appears larger.

4. Slow down! Give your brain and stomach time to recognize that it is full before you go back for more.

5. If you make a large batch of food, before sitting down to eat it, portion out the servings you know will be in excess. Store these in the fridge or freezer for lunch or dinner leftovers.

6. Eat frequently. Consuming a snack or meal every 3-4 hours can help maintain your appetite levels throughout the day and prevent overeating at meal times.

7. Buy individually packaged snacks. Instead of reaching into a bag to dole out your own portions, rely on the pre-portioned versions. If buying in bulk is more your style, save yourself some time and extra calories by divvying up your own individual servings ahead of time and putting them in reusable containers or bags to be stored in the fridge.



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