13 Ways to Add More Vegetables to Your Diet

January 21, 2019

1. Smoothies. It’s so easy and can taste similar to an all-fruit smoothie! Add greens, carrots, cauliflower, cucumbers, etc. Spinach is a great one to start with because you can hardly tell when it’s added.

2. Pasta sauce. Add more flavour and nutrition with vegetables such as mushrooms, peppers, celery, carrots, leafy greens and more. If you don’t like the sauce chunky, feel free to puree it in the blender! If you like to use pre-made tomato sauce, stir in some spinach during cooking!

3. Eggs. Instead of a basic cheese omelet or scrambled eggs, try tossing in some spinach, peppers or mushrooms.

4. Desserts. Zucchini and carrots are popular ingredients in cookies, muffins, brownies and cake. You could also try pumpkin or sweet potato puree for a harvest taste.

5. Oatmeal. Similar to the desserts above, zucchini and carrots can be cooked directly in the pot with the oats. This can add volume to your breakfast as well as vitamins and fibre!

6. Soups, stews and chili. Reduce food waste and add them to your favourite soup, stew or chili. Fresh, frozen or canned vegetables can all be directly added into the pot.

7. Cauliflower. This newly popular vegetable can be used to make cauliflower rice, pizza crust or mashed into a creamy puree.

8. Snacks. Get your crunch on with raw veggies dipped in hummus or tzatziki for extra flavour and protein.

9. Pancakes and waffles. Just like baking, you can add some zucchini, carrots, sweet potatoes or pumpkin to pancakes and waffles.

10. Spiralize. Mix in some spiralized vegetables to your pasta for a meal lighter in carbohydrates. You can replace the pasta noodles completely or do half and half.

11. Pasta. Peas, roasted broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, spinach or mushrooms all add some volume, flavour and texture to your pasta dish.

12. Pizza. Make it colourful with extras of your favourite vegetables.

13. Lettuce Wrap. Use lettuce or other leafy greens instead of a wrap or a bun when eating burgers, wraps, sandwiches or tacos.



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