Hopping Back To Routine After A Long Weekend

April 23, 2019

Check in with yourself now that you are back from the long Easter weekend. Perhaps there weren’t the most nutritious foods available. How did you feel after you had these fun foods? Did you chalk this weekend up to one of the few times of the year that you have this exposure to certain foods? Or did you get down on yourself for “failing,” “being bad,” or “cheating”?

If you are thinking the latter, try to forgive yourself for this and move past it. It was a couple of days of indulgent eating and you should not let this set you back from the mindset you had when you were feeling healthy, strong and confident in your food choices. Take what you have learned this weekend and use it to feel better prepared for another holiday or busy, food-filled weekends.

To think that these opportunities to indulge are never going to occur is unrealistic. So roll with the experiences by enjoying them, getting back to your regularly scheduled meals and snacks this week and not thinking twice about the past.



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